Screen Junkies Plus – Could it kill YouTube


Everyone knows YouTube, even people who are allergic to the internet have heard of YouTube. Most likely everyone reading this has used it at least once. Earlier today I saw something that I knew I needed to write a story on. Recently the Screen Junkies channel launched there subscription service Screen Junkies Plus. This is a $4.99 USD a month subscription which allows you to watch extra content. Now this has gotten mostly positive responses so far. But when I saw this and I had totally a different response. First things first the price is ridiculous Netflix which has professional exclusives and thousands of hours of content costs $9.99 USD a month. Screen Junkies Plus  probably has about 12 hours of content (I don’t have the subscription I don’t know the exact number), but the price isn’t the worst part of this. What I’m scared of is what if this succeeds. If this is successful more Youtubers will switch from the traditional ad based formula they haveright now. Currently the way professional Youtubers make money is from ad revenue. This works in one of two ways the first being getting payed a fraction of a cent per view in return for showing ads on a video, the other being views per click which is where the Youtubers get paid a higher amount based on the amount of times people click the ad. This is generally the way Youtubers make money now. But if this new subscription service works some Youtubers could make millions by switching. For example if I watched 100 videos on a channel they would get paid on average 8 cents, but if I bought a subscription they would get $4.99 USD every month! This is 62.5 times more money then they would make off ads. Obviously any Youtuber who could do this would. However this is terrible for the consumer who has to pay for what they used to get free. I subscribe to about 25 channels if they all went subscription based and charged me $4.99 USD it would cost me $125 USD a month, or $1,500 USD a year. I couldn’t afford that, and I would have to stop watching Youtube. I really hope this doesn’t happens. Do you think this will happen? Do you think it will Screen Junkies Plus will succeed or fail? Tell me in the comments below.


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