Sony is trying to trademark the term “Let’s Play”

Earlier today I saw this story that I thought was absolutely insane. Sony is apparently trying to trademark the term “Let’s Play”. At first I didn’t believed so I checked other sources and sure enough it was true. For those of you who don’t know a Let’s Play is basically a video of someone playing a video game, usually with commentary. Some of these videos get millions of views each. I have two idea’s why they would want to do, the first is that they wan’t to use it as a slogan. Maybe there going to have an ad campaign shoving “PlayStation: Let’s Play” or something like that down our throats. My second and probably the more likely reason is that maybe to promote there content over everyone else’s. they might use the trademark to get videos with there competitors games, who use the term Let’s Play off YouTube or any other video streaming site.For example if I had a video up titled “Generic Xbox Game(Let’s Play)” Sony could use YouTube’s awful copyright restrictions to copyright claim that video so when someone googles “Let’s Play” all they would see is PlayStation games. Anyways currently the trademark has been sent back because there was something wrong with the filing of the patent.  I personally don’t think that this patent is ever going to succed. Let’s Play is too common of a term for them to trademark. What do you think of this? Do you think it will pass? Tell me in the comments below.




Another great article on the subject

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