Mojang is Making an Educational Minecraft Game

Microsoft and Mojang have announced that they have acquired MinecraftEDU and are working on there own educational Minecraft game titled “Minecraft Educational Edition”. This will sell at 5 USD a year for a student, 25 USD a year for a server, and a 41 USD one-time server licensing fee. It will be an expanded version of Minecraft for education. This isn’t really surprising seeing that according to Microsoft “over 7,000 classrooms in more than 40 countries worldwide use Minecraft as part of their curriculum today.”


The company Teacher Gaming LLC, which is the company the Microsoft bought MincreftEDU from is still selling MinecraftEDU, which is a modded version of Minecraft for schools. The company says that “Minecraft can be a very useful educational tool it can teach a range of skills, like digital citizenship, empathy, social skills, and can even improve their literacy, while also getting real-time feedback from their teacher.” I honestly don’t really see the point in this version.


It doesn’t seem that different from actual Minecraft I think they could easily make Minecraft an Educational tool by simply making an update that has an option to join an Educational server and having an Educational package with a discount for schools. I also don’t really think that it  could even be used very well in schools. I can’t really see it teaching anything except Architecture maybe. But even for that theres way more advanced Architecture software. I think that the only educational thing it could be used for is for really little kids maybe grades K – 3 to teach them about creativity. Not trying to hate on Minecraft because I love that game, but I see it as just that, a game. Minecraft is built to be a game not a learning tool and I think it should stay that way.


Wow now we really have a lot of ways to play Minecraft. We have the PC version, Xbox 360 Edition, Xbox One Edition, PS3 and 4 Editions, Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Minecraft VR, Minecraft HoloLens, Minecraft Wii U, and now Minecraft Educational Edition. Seriously Microsoft just make Minecraft 2 already. Do you think this will be succesful? And will we ever get Minecraft 2? Tell me in the comments below!

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