A New 4-inch IPhone may launch this March

Apple is rumored to announce a new 4in iPhone this March called the iPhone 5se. This will stand for the iPhone 5 special edition. But this will not just be another iPhone 5 this is going to feature many features similar to the other iPhone model. This will have an 8 megapixel rear camera,like the current iPhone 6, and a 1.2 ¬†megapixel front-facing camera. This phone will have the ability to take live photo’s as well. This will feature the

curved design of the iPhone 6/6s and the 6s color scheme. We are still not sure if this will have a A9 chip like the 6s or the A8 chip in the 6, but my bet is it will be the A9 because using the A8 would be to much of a step back. It will also support many of the features of the 6s.


This doesn’t resemble the iPhone 5 very much and might as well be called the iPhone mini. But regardless I’m really glad that they did this because I always have the issue of my Phone falling out of my pocket. I’m really excited for this to be announced but this is all speculation and rumors so don’t get to hyped yet.



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