The Fine Bro’s Attempt to Monopolize Reactions

As some of you may have heard in the last few days the Fine Bros YouTube channel attempted to form a monopoly on reaction YouTube video’s. The Fine Bros are a YouTube channel that specializes in YouTube reaction videos. They have been very popular on the internet. Earlier this week they announced there new network “React World.” This is a network where basically people make reaction videos and pay them a share of the profits. This would normally just be a bad idea, but then they started taking down other peoples reaction videos.They could do this because of YouTube’s broken copyright system. This system essentially lets any company copyright claim videos and YouTube will give them a copyright “strike” and take down there video. The Fine Bros decided that they own reactions so they have been doing this to other channels.

This kind of thing is terrible. This really shows how broken YouTube’s copyright system is. I really think that is a fatal flaw of the website and it needs to be changed. There should be some form of screening before they take these video’s down, but this isn’t all YouTube’s fault I believe that the Fine Bros are also to blame.

First of all why do they even think that they own Reaction videos. It’s not like there they only people who do them, they weren’t even the first people to do them. Even if they were the first people to do reaction videos, people have been reacting to things for thousands of years before them.

Anyways people around the world have been thinking like me, because over the last few days the Fine Bros have lost around 400,000 subscribers so far and there sub count continues to plummet. They are frantically trying to damage control, which isn’t stopping anything, I hope that this is just a lesson to all YouTubers who get to greedy and try to control anything as simple as reactions.

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