The New 2017 Nvidia Shield Review

Recently I got the new Nvidia Shield TV and it’s an interesting product in the sense that brings together regular smart TV things like Netflix, gaming with a massive library of Android and console games with there GeForce Now streaming service and also smart home functionality with Google Assistant built in.

When I first booted up the shield I encountered my first issue with it, the updates. The first update I had to install took me over an hour to install (with relatively bad internet connection). This however isn’t a one time issue on the first day alone I had to install 4 different updates. Both the remote and controller needed firmware updates, and I needed a Google services update later in the day. Theese updates were very annoying but that’s not issue unique to the shield, nearly every platform is bogged down by constant updates to some extent.

Things do however get better for the Shield as the controller was great. I still prefer an Xbox 360 controller but this came close. The build quality of the body was amazing however the buttons and sticks felt to light at first but after 30 minutes of play I got used to it. I did appreciate the fact that they included a controller and remote, which you used to have to pay $50 for, though I would have rather them take out the remote and reduced the cost by $50.

With those controls you need games, and luckily there are plenty. The library is enormous between Gamestream, GeForce Now, and the library of optimized console games to go along with the normal Android TV games. I unfortunately have not checked out GeForce now so I will have a dedicated review for that coming soon but I can confirm that the Android games are good. The Nvidia shield does what mobile can’t in the sense that there are many great free games that I don’t feel overuse micro transactions. Some I would recommend are Xenowerk, Real Boxing, and Dead Trigger 2.

The Google Assistant feature is not as incredible as it was advertised as seeing that currently it currently requires you to press a button on a remote and I would describe the mics voice recognition as better than most but still not incredible. I do think this will change when Nvidia releases the Nvidia spot the Google Home speaker and mic combo that will plug directly into the wall and use Google Assistant. However there currently is no release date on this product as of now.

Even with certain flaws the Nvidia shield is by far both the best value as a streaming and gaming box and the best Android TV by far. There is still room for improvement but coming $100 cheaper than both the PS4 and Xbox One in there lowest configurations I would choose this over either of those consoles or any other streaming box on the market.


EA Announces Game Lineup For 2016 and Early 2017

A few days ago EA released information about it’s upcoming game lineup for 2016 and early 2017 in a share holder press conference. They announced some very exciting new games to come. EA has always released great games (Even if they are sometimes a bit shady). So i’m really excited.


First off they released there expected sports games (Madden, Fifa, etc.). Which is expected but kind of boring. I wish they would just focus on legitimate games instead of overpriced re-skins, but EA loves money so that’s not happening. Theres nothing surprising here. There as expected also going to release a new battlefield game as they always do. They also announced a new Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare game, for the 5 people who care.


They also announced they will be releasing Titanfall 2 sometime this year. I liked the first Titanfall game and I hope this one will be good too. EA has said that they plan to release this for more platforms than just the Xbox One and Xbox 360. It is also rumored to have a full single player campaign. I don’t know about the last one because even though the world of Titanfall is interesting and probably has some great stories that could be told in it, I don’t feel like Titanfall needs it. Some games like Battlefront defiantly need a single player campaign (seriously how did they screw that up). But others like Titanfall don’t need one. There are very few first person shooters that would actually get people to play campaign (Battlefront), and Titanfall doesn’t seem like one. I think they should just stick to multiplayer, and have a massive amount of multiplayer content there.

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Want to play with this toy? You’ll need an app for that

Traditional toys are getting digital makeovers for tech-savvy children An iPad loom for friendship bracelets, a wireless electronics kit you can activate with a tweet, and a hi-tech Scalextric race track you can play with via your smartphone. These are just a few of the traditional toys that have undergone a technological makeover to appeal Continue Reading

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